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Warehousing and Inventory Management Services

Warehousing and Inventory Management Services

A major challenge and expense for OEMs and resellers is storing their inventory and providing order fulfillment. If building and maintaining your own warehouse is not an option, or becoming cost prohibitive, OR Computer Solutions offers a cost-effective alternative.

OR Computer Solutions provides dedicated warehousing space and support staff to perform management of stored inventory for customers who don’t want the expense or worry of having to find the space and workforce. Warehousing and Inventory Management Services include receipt of your inventory from you or your vendors, warehousing of product, and shipment of product – as you require.

Once your inventory is received, it is placed into ORCOM, OR Computer Solutions’s proprietary inventory control system – granting you real time access to details such as quantity on hand, quantity on order, quantity shipped, number of transactions performed and min/max replenishment levels. You will also have a single point of contact who will manage your account, conduct periodic business reviews, and tailor inventory reporting to your requirements.

Engaging OR Computer Solutions for Warehousing and Inventory Management Services not only frees up more time and capital to invest in your primary business, it is the easiest, most cost-effective way to receive, store, and ship hardware and parts.

  • Decreased costs through per event and actual warehouse space utilized pricing
  • Increased visibility through real time web access to all product inventory, shipping, and receiving
  • Decreased inventory exposure through 100% visual inspection of inventory for discrepancies and observable external shipping damage
  • Increased flexibility and scalability of workforce and processes, based on your requirements
  • Inventory control measures (cycle counts), quality audits, TAT performance

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