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Repair Services

Cost Effective

Onsite repair is not always the most cost-effective or practical means to repair your, or your clients’, non-critical hardware. Let our experienced engineers provide the ideal off-site repair solution.

Repair Services

OR Computer Solutions hosts a repair and return program that allows you and your or your clients’ end users to ship defective equipment to a OCS service center for repair. Defective hardware is restored to OEM functional specifications within five (5) working days of receipt, and shipped directly back to the customer. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep critical and non-critical hardware up and running. Additional offerings include de-manufacturing, disposal, reclamation, and refurbishment – all available through OCS’s Asset Recovery Services.


  • Significant cost savings for critical and non-critical business applications where same day or next day service is required; fixed fee per repair or hourly plus parts pricing
  • Facilities with deep, experienced workforce with technical certifications across multiple products and technologies
  • Increased flexibility and scalability of workforce and processes, based on customer requirements
  • Decreased inventory exposure through inspection for shipping damage, initial functional testing, with optional return, replace, and scrap services available
  • Secure, dedicated stocking location access by badged employees only
  • Inventory control measures (cycle counts), quality audits.

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