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When it comes to the solutions you need to run your company, it can be difficult to keep track of all the options available to you. At OR Computer Solutions, we do much more than sell technology – we combine small business consulting experience and IT services to find the perfect technology options for your real business problems.

Our computer consultant service is the most dependable and reliable that you will find throughout the Toronto area. The experts at OR Computer Solutions are ready at a moment’s notice to work with your business. We can help your business to achieve its highest potential, implementing the technology that will most readily suit your small business’s objectives and needs.

We know that every business has individual and unique needs. With our vast experience as technology consultants, we can provide advice that puts the needs of you and your business first – we don’t have any ties to specific brands or vendors. Our expertise is highly specialized, but our services can be customized to assist your unique situation. We will help you to implement the latest and most advanced technology, and we’ll provide any support you might need to use it.

At OR Computer Solutions, we know that many companies need more than advice – they also need hands-on assistance. With that in mind, we don’t simply offer information – we are also available to help you to implement your new technology. After all, our computer consultants are the experts.
We have the skill and the knowledge to help you choose the highest quality equipment at the best possible price, and then install both your hardware and software. In addition to planning and implementation, we offer a myriad of other services to assist your business with the maintenance of your IT, including network support service.

Our mission is to sustain a relationship with your business, and when it comes to selecting a computer consulting service, we hope to be your top choice. We will continually provide new recommendations, and we’re also available for quick and effective on-call services. Our experts understand that you want to get the highest value of services for your money, so we also provide managed IT services to make sure your new equipment is running at top-speed.



  • Vendor-agnostic solutions. Our clients use a myriad of the most popular and highly rated operating systems on the market, including Apple, Windows and even Linux. We base our decisions on known technology standards and best practices, and never on brand loyalty or commission. Our goal is to work with your unique company, and to address your unique needs, so that you can rest assured that your equipment and software are the best possible fit. Our computer consultants provide expert advice and help you to gain access to the highest quality technology that is also best for your budget, all for the betterment of your
    Technology and business acumen. Other IT support companies who offer computer consulting are often missing a critical factor: business intelligence. At OR Computer Solutions, we offer a unique mix of tech professionalism and expertise with real knowledge of how a business should be run. We know that technology is not just something a business uses; it’s an integral part of your business strategy, and your business can’t run without it.
  • Full IT services. We offer extensive IT support services, which include planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing management of your IT needs. We offer access to the best technology, but we also offer computer consulting services, in order to guarantee your business’s needs and objectives will be met. We help you select the best of the best in hardware and software, and we also install it in your office. Our goal is to implement your new equipment seamlessly. Of course, we are also available throughout the ongoing project of managing and maintaining your equipment with our managed services. Our services operate constantly to alleviate any of your concerns about your IT functions.
  • Network security. Once you have met with our computer consultants, and had all of your new tech equipment and software procured and installed, you may feel somewhat in the dark. Not to worry, however – at OR Computer Solutions, we know how hard it can be to dive in. First of all, we make sure that all of your data is safe and secure so that your business can remain stable throughout the transition. Second, our computer consultants are readily available to strategize, install, audit, monitor and manage every aspect of your network and data. We are invested in reducing any possible risks that may harm your most critical files, which is why our network security services work to maintain – not just set up – your network security system.
  • Office moves and wiring. If you just moved offices or are about to, you know just how stressful a company relocation can be. We want to help you alleviate that stress, which is why we offer assistance with relocation as part of our computer consulting services. We can re-install all of your cabling, regardless of the breadth or depth of your project. We also transfer networks, set up your Internet and phone services, and transfer all your servers, printers, emails, websites and crucial data as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We’ll help you minimize downtime to your system, so you can get up and running right away.

OR Computer Solutions strives to be like an in-house IT team for our clients’ businesses, but with the cost efficiency and on-demand services of an outsourced team.
Are you ready to transform your business with powerful IT consulting?