Network Design

How can OCS Help?

OR Computer Solutions is a company dedicated to connecting small and medium businesses with technology. Some of the services we offer include cloud computing, voip, networking hardware, virtual hosting, technical assistance, managed hosting, and support. Our mission is to help companies implement innovative and cost effective technology solutions allowing them to gain efficiency and security in their business. What sets us apart from the rest is our exceptional customer service as we partner with our customers to ensure their success.

Having the right IT strategy is key for success and starts with your network design. The experts at OR Computer Solutions can work with your company to develop an IT strategy as well as design and implement your network to fit your strategy and allow your corporate IT initiative to grow with your company instead of limit your company.

Our Network Design and consulting services provide you with the expertise from OCS for analysis of your network, design and implementation to get you peak network performance. We offer a complete comprehensive set of LAN/WAN services to help ensure that your network operates efficiently and is effective for your organization:

  • LAN/WAN Analysis
    We evaluate your network infrastructure and conduct an IT Audit to provide you with the requirements needed to support your current and future business needs. Whether your needs include new applications, new technologies added to your existing business as a result of expansions, mergers or acquisitions of other companies.
  • LAN/WAN Design
    Whether we are designing a new network or modifying your existing network, we will provide you with a blueprint to successfully deploy our solution and assist with implementation. Our goal is to bring in new technologies and provide a plan that implements it smoothly into your IT environment.
Cloud Services

Leverage the Power of our “Office in the Cloud”
Just what is this cloud anyway? Believe it or not it is nothing new. “The cloud” simply refers to the internet and how it is being used. Cloud computing is simply storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. OR Computer Solutions offers several cloud based services to dramatically improve your company’s data accessibility and security while also reducing costs. Our cloud service can include cloud software, cloud servers, virtual hosting and many other cloud computing options. No more expensive hardware and software costs to manage!