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State Of The Art Staging

Expert Retail Staging Capabilities

OR Computer Solutions’ state-of-the-art facilities link expert retail staging capabilities with short-term warehousing and extensive logistics distribution support. This integrated process ensures cost effective management of retail inventory, staging, and distribution. Our staging approach not only ensures a successful rollout of systems but also provides a foundation for increased availability and productivity over the life of your retail hardware.

Retail Hardware Configuration and Imaging

Our 20,000 sq. ft. staging and integration center provides us with the opportunity to design, assemble, integrate and configure your entire in-store retail POS system prior to store shipment. With our imaging capabilities all necessary software and operating system updates will be installed and fully functional upon deployment.

Custom Retail Software Loading and Testing

Once the retail hardware has been assured to be working properly were able to quickly load and test the necessary custom software that your business needs. This ensures for successful operations of your retail POS systems at the time of deployment, making the install response time minimal.

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